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We pass on our furniture discount at +350 vendors so you save money

Key Features

Your personal in-house design experts

Access to LiDAR-enabled mobile app to scan your room and eliminate costly design mistakes

Customized 2D layouts tailored to your style

Curated shopping list

Privileged access to up to 40% trade discounts from premier retail brands

Personal concierge service. Seamlessly place orders, taking the hassle out of transforming your space

Visualize your rooms in lifelike detail with photo-realistic 3D renderings

Expert guidance for wall, ceiling, window, and floor treatments

Transform your interiors and make them truly special with personalized furniture designs

Expert guidance for color, sizes, and choice of materials (type of wood, quality of upholstery, etc.)

Design revisions

Comprehensive turnaround time

Custom-made furniture delivery

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per room

Up to 2

5 working days




per room

Up to 4

5 working days




per room

Up to 6

7 working days

Delivered to your door within 16 weeks

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Custom-made furniture

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Boston, MA

Top-notch. they made my space unique and super stylish. Love the attention to detail and how they brought my ideas to life

6 Mar 2024

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Boston, MA

I was hesitant about using an online design service, but Hestya blew my expectations out of the water. My bedroom has never looked better!

23 Dec 2023

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Cambridge, MA

They paid attention to every little thing, and the shelves they made fit my room perfectly. Really great service and work!

15 Jan 2024

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Palo Fusion House

Palo Fusion House

Plaza Apartment

Plaza Apartment

Hestya can pay for itself

We pass on our furniture discount at 350+ vendors so you save money


AI has recently become extremely powerful and we are very excited about it. However, AI still has certain limitations as follows:

Precision Matters: AI tools are yet to be accurate in terms of measurement, the furniture they suggest may not fit your room. Hestya leverages LiDAR technology, so we know exactly how big/small your rooms are.

Furniture Recommendation: Most AI tools can give you good ideas of how furniture should look, based on the data model that they were trained, but cannot advise where to buy those pieces, leave alone how to get that piece of furniture within budget. Hestya will recommend the piece of furniture that are available to buy, especially within your budget.

Practical Designs: AI reimagine your rooms and may suggest furniture that only fits if you change your walls, ceilings or floors. Based on your request, we provide suggestions that are both stunning and feasible, even when no major renovations are needed.

Human Touch: AI cannot respond to your feedback. We are here to listen to your needs and feelings to make sure you will get the house you dream of.

In essence, Hestya combines the best of technology with human expertise for a seamless and effective interior design experience.

Hestya harnesses advanced technology to redefine the home design and furnishing experience:

LiDAR Technology: Simply pull out your phone and scan the rooms – no tape measurements required. With our cutting-edge app, accurately capture room dimensions in less than a minute.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing: With our clear, per-room flat fee, you'll always know what you're paying upfront.

Digital Flexibility: Engage and collaborate with expert designers without leaving your home, eliminating the need for in-person meetings.

Exceptional Design Quality: Unlike other online interior design services, Hestya firmly believes that only an in-house team can deliver the pinnacle of design quality. We're proud of the exceptional work we produce and the diverse range of homes in our portfolio.

Custom-made Furniture: To seamlessly merge your vision with our designs, we've established an office in Vietnam. This location allows us to tap into the region's rich art and handicraft traditions, offering bespoke furniture solutions for entire homes at cost-effective prices. Explore more .

Yes, we can! Meeting your budget is our priority. Please understand that the furniture quality does go in line with how much you pay for it. We will make recommendations, with a goal in mind to get the most out of your budget.

Absolutely! We value our customers and are keen on providing incentives for larger projects. The more rooms you design with us, the more discounts you avail. Here's our discount structure based on the number of rooms:

2 rooms -> You receive a 5% discount.

3 rooms -> Enjoy a 10% discount.

4 rooms -> Benefit from a 15% discount.

5 rooms -> A substantial 20% discount awaits you.

6 rooms -> Our top-tier offer, a whopping 30% discount.

These discounts are designed to give you better value as you embark on larger design ventures with us!

At Hestya, we use LiDAR technology integrated into our iPhone app. Simply scan your room with the app, and it creates a precise 3D model, eliminating the need for manual measurements or photos. This makes the design process easy and accurate.

Upon initiating a project with Hestya, you can expect to hear from our design team within 48 hours. They'll reach out to discuss the project details, understand your preferences, and kickstart the design process. We believe in prompt communication to ensure a smooth and efficient design experience for you. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support at

At Hestya, we take quality seriously, and that's why we exclusively rely on our in-house team of experienced interior designers, not freelancers. We have full confidence in our psychographic-driven style quiz, designed to precisely decode your unique aesthetic preferences. Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations, and our rigorous internal processes ensure that every project reflects the high standards we're known for.

Of course! Hestya prides itself on catering to diverse and unique aesthetic preferences. No matter how unconventional your taste may be, our designers are adept at creating spaces that genuinely resonate with individual styles. We encourage you to take our style quiz, which is designed to understand and capture even the most distinctive design preferences. Let's embark on a journey to bring your unique vision to life!

Absolutely! Hestya specializes in offering custom-made furniture solutions to ensure your space is both unique and tailored to your specific needs. From bespoke sizes to personalized designs, we provide furniture that truly aligns with your vision and the aesthetics of your space. Our aim is to create pieces that perfectly complement your style and preferences.

Upon initiating a project with Hestya, you can expect to hear from our design team within 48 hours. They'll reach out to discuss the project details, understand your preferences, and kickstart the design process. We believe in prompt communication to ensure a smooth and efficient design experience for you. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support at

Custom-made furniture is typically associated with premium pricing due to its personalized nature. However, at Hestya, we've established an efficient supply chain by collaborating with trusted carpenters in Vietnam, a hub for global furniture production.

Explore our custom-made furniture portfolio here, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable it is, with prices typically just 10%-20% higher than mass-produced alternatives available at retail stores. We believe that high-quality, tailored furniture should be accessible to everyone.