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Your design philosophy is dynamic and independent, favoring vigorous and bold spaces that reflect your unique personality. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to individuality, each corner of your home is carefully crafted to inspire and delight, welcoming all who enter with a sense of warmth and creativity.

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You have a strong personality and life is an exciting journey for you. You are also a practical person, drawn to industrial styles, which reflects your ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently.


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You may find yourself drawn to strong colors. In your home, you prefer to explore the spectrum of whites, greys, iron blacks, and neutral tones of brown. Accent colors such as red or orange can be used to add interest to the space, but should be used sparingly.

Clean, graphic lines can be preferred over sinuous lines and patterns, creating open spaces with edgy shapes and minimal details that make one feel attractive.


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You may wish to combine contrasting materials to express edginess and rawness. Industrial materials can be used to enhance the visual effects of spatial elements, such as exposed brick walls, concrete floors, industrial pipes, and visible ductwork.