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Your home is a sanctuary of serenity, a place where you can nourish your soul and find peace amidst the chaos of the world. With soothing colors and minimalist design, your space radiates a sense of calm and tranquility.

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You have a knack for distilling complex problems down to their core values, allowing you to find solace in life. You don't need to be loud or ostentatious; your clear, independent, and confident personality speaks for itself.


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Achieve a sleek, modern atmosphere in your home by focusing on a monochromatic, neutral color scheme dominated by black, grey, and white. Begin with white walls and incorporate black in striking ways, such as on built-ins or trim work. Layer in metallic colors, such as silver and gold, through accessories and accent furniture to add a touch of brightness.

Achieving modern aesthetics in your home can be achieved through clean lines and minimal ornamentation. This style typically emphasizes horizontal and vertical lines, with fewer curves, creating a clutter-free space that prioritizes functionality over fashion. Low, horizontal furnishings are used to differentiate between the spaces of an open-plan home, rather than walls.





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For your home, natural materials such as unpainted wood, stone, metals, leather, and natural fibers are the ideal choice. To add more nuance to the space, smaller elements of artificial materials like cotton, tile, and glass can be incorporated. Transparency and reflectivity will further enhance the dimensions of the space.