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pastoral sincerity

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With a deep appreciation for the authenticity of natural beauty, your home effortlessly blends ruggedness and refinement. Every space is thoughtfully designed to showcase the intricate details of raw materials, from the knots in the wood to the rust on the metal.

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Your love for nature is boundless, allowing you to live a tranquil and peaceful life surrounded by plants and flowers. Your spirit is as light as a meadow, yet as tranquil and steady as a wood.


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Your home can be decorated with a monochromatic and muted palette, inspired by nature's plains and forests. Accent colors in a bold, natural tone, such as walnut brown, dark green, or earthy red, can add a sense of depth, comfort, and coziness to your living spaces.

Your spaces allow the unique character of each piece to be the focus, rather than striving for perfect lines. The interior can reflect the natural beauty of the outdoors with its rugged surfaces, raw lines, and organic shapes.





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Bring a rustic feel to your home with natural materials from the earth. Incorporate unprocessed woods, heavy stone, and real brick for a raw look. Textiles such as jute, burlap, and canvas can be used in rugs and accent pieces to complete the look.