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poetic imperfection

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Image credit by Justin Chung

With an eye for refinement and poise, you aim to infuse the serenity of nature into your living spaces, creating an atmosphere of gentle vibrancy and peacefulness. Your aesthetic sense extends beyond just appearance, seeking to imbue functionality and warmth into every corner of your home, evoking a sense of comfort, togetherness, and tranquility.

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You have a deep connection to the earth and nature, allowing you to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. By recognizing the flawed beauty of the world, you can find peace in its imperfections.
Rather than being drawn to the clamor of outside parties, you can focus on observing and listening to nature and your inner world.


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Image credit by Jalan Interior

Your home is dedicated to the calming and neutral shades of taupes, creams, whites, and warm beiges to browns, inspired by the philosophies of wabi-sabi and hygge. This lightness is balanced by the colors of natural materials, while black accents provide contrast and timelessness.

The interior should be kept simple and uncluttered, with natural elements, comfortable furniture, and sustainable materials. The shapes of the elements can be both organic and straight forms, respecting durability, comfort, and originality.





Image credit by Alex Zarour

Wood is essential in creating this aesthetic, from the flooring to the furniture and soft furnishings. Bamboo, paper, rattan, cotton, and other natural materials can also be seamlessly incorporated into the style. Furthermore, the presence of concrete, stone, greenery, or items that show signs of wear and tear can also communicate the beauty of nature's imperfections.