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Your home is a reflection of your innermost desires and personal style. It is a haven of self-expression where you can indulge in the joy of creativity, surrounded by the warmth and comfort of your favorite textiles, artwork, and decorative items. With each layer, your living space becomes a canvas of your unique personality, inviting you to embrace your true self.

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Your artistic soul allows you to appreciate creativity, freedom, and a nomadic sense of life, seeking to challenge beauty standards by disregarding the rules and embracing the unconventional.
You lead a brilliant yet poetic life, providing you with both vibrant and chilling moments for your self-expression.


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You can enjoy a plethora of colors, from neutral hues such as white and tan to vibrant jewel tones, bright shades, and earthy tones - or a combination of all. Adding green shades from indoor plantings will bring a lively energy to your rooms.

Rather than focusing solely on creating shapes, consider layering, mixing, and matching different patterns, textiles, and elements to express your personality.


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Your home exudes a spontaneous and eco-friendly atmosphere, making it the perfect backdrop for items crafted from natural materials such as rattan, wood, wicker, and plush, as well as metallic accents like gold, silver, and brass, and well-worn objects.