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You welcome the harmonious blend of diverse styles and periods in your home, reflecting the multifaceted richness of your personality and lifestyle. Unconstrained by conventional molds, you infuse your space with a distinctive and captivating aesthetic that reflects your unique taste and creative flair.

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Your personality is marked by a unique blend of contrasting colors. A maximalist look can be a powerful way to express yourself.
Your ability to think flexibly and diversely allows you to easily adapt to different environments. You draw inspiration from the people you admire and use it to refine your lifestyle.


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A neutral palette (white, grey, beige, etc.) can help to unify the various elements of the design. Furthermore, repeating highlight hues (red, yellow, orange, blue, copper, etc.) throughout the scheme can bring out the unique characteristics of the space and its owners..

Your home can be a beautiful marriage of decor from different periods, combining various patterns, textures, shapes, compositions, and design elements that would not normally complement each other. Negative space is essential to provide the viewer's eye with a rest, creating a sense of visual harmony.


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This style of combining materials with contrasting colors, patterns, and textures - both smooth and rough - not only creates a unique design, but also adds a richness and luxurious feel to the room. Popular timeless resources such as marble, granite, ceramic tile, and wood can be blended with modern approaches such as glass, plastic, and metal.