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Enchanted by the tales of bygone eras and the unique beauty of each period, your home is a reflection of your appreciation for diverse styles and aesthetics. It showcases a plethora of designs and periods, representing the richness and complexity of your personality, lifestyle, and mindset. Breaking free from traditional molds, your home effortlessly harmonizes elements from different eras, weaving together the old and new into a tapestry that empowers your personal values and preferences.

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Your personality may be marked by contrasting colors that make you unique, but generally, status and recognition can be the driving force for your ongoing growth.
Your confidence and flexibility can make an impression on and influence those around you. Additionally, you can absorb great things from the people you admire, allowing you to upgrade your lifestyle.


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The palette can vary, but incorporating a few neutrals (white, grey, beige, etc.) can help to unify all the disparate elements. You could incorporate various art, textile, and decor accents, but opt for strong jewel tones, such as ruby, sapphire, teal, ocean, and citrine to bring a touch of mysticism to your rooms.

Your interior style can bring a sense of both reminiscent beauty and modern glam, layering in color and texture. It subtly evokes a balance of symmetry and order, with a few delightful surprises.
Your home can be a harmonious blend of decor from different eras, combining patterns, textures, and shapes that would not normally be seen together to create an extra layer of intrigue.





The combination of materials with contrasting colors, textures, and patterns, such as damask, florals, stripes, and plaids, not only creates a unique design, but also adds a sense of richness and luxury to the room. Furniture can be crafted from warm, rich wood tones such as walnut, while darker stains can be used for flooring. Upholstery can range from luxurious materials such as silk, natural leather, and velvet, to industrial ones such as glass, plastic, plaster, and steel.