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Image credit by Zeke Ruelas

Your home is a reflection of your vivacious personality, adorned with charm and imbued with a richness that reflects your unique lifestyle and mindset. You bring a playful and spontaneous energy to your space, eschewing rigid conventions and reveling in the freedom to create new and unexpected designs. Your home sparkles with an infectious joy that invites others to share in the fun.

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Your unique personality may be marked by contrasting colors. You can revel in discovering vibrant moments in life and incorporate them into your living spaces by combining and contrasting items.
Your open heart for worldly travels and colorful events allows you to collect a variety of animated experiences, bringing them home and infusing them with a hint of romance or a touch of luxury.





Your home can be composed of a variety of colors. Neutral shades such as beiges, creams, or muted yellows can create a sense of openness and positivity, while accent colors in bold warm hues like brown, violet, and red, or jewel tones like copper and gold, can make spaces more alluring and glamorous.

Your home can be a harmonious union of decor from different time periods, blending together various patterns, textures, shapes, compositions, and design elements that would not normally complement each other to create an intriguing additional layer of interest.





Your home can incorporate a variety of materials and textures. You can almost embrace any material, as long as you adore it! Richly patterned finishes can be paired with both polished and raw surfaces such as lacquer, brass, stainless steel, gilt, concrete, brick, and more.