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You embody a deep appreciation for nature and your home reflects this with warm, organic, and antique country aesthetics. It's a tranquil haven that seamlessly connects you to the world outside, instilling a sense of inner peace.

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You have a romantic and gentle spirit, and you take the time to nurture your inner beauty. Your sensitive nature allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of the world around you.


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Light and airy shades such as cream, white, green, blue, beige, coral, and yellow can help to reflect and spread natural light throughout your space.
These neutral tones also provide the perfect backdrop to showcase plush fabrics and sturdy furniture. For example, cherry red and sunflower yellow can be used to draw attention to certain pieces or patterned decorations.

This collection reflects a feminine and rustic antique style, combining familiar elements, soft yet rugged lines, and silhouettes. Imperfect surfaces and a hint of time give it a natural, homey feel.


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Wood with a hint of fading is the main focus of the design. Soft fabrics like linen and cotton are perfect for upholstery, curtains, covers, and bedsheets, adding a touch of elegance.