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bright hygge

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Your ideal home should be a haven of comfort and connection, inviting in the simple joys of everyday life - from the warmth of the sun's rays to the smiles of your beloved.

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As an open and affable individual, you can effortlessly connect and share your experiences with all those around you. You may have a vast network of acquaintances and be surrounded by many fascinating people, yet still cherish warm moments with your family and loved ones.


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Image credit by Courtesy Swedish Design Museum

Neutral colors and monochromatic tones with natural hues, such as brown, dark brown, and light brown, can be used to create a calming atmosphere. Adding pops of color, like forest green, burnt orange, dusty pink, or pastel blue, can bring a sense of lightness and closeness to nature.

Achieve the perfect home with a minimalistic, uncluttered look that combines practicality and aesthetics. Appreciate the beauty of simple lines and bright, airy spaces, and combine textures and subtle colors to create a modern, yet cozy atmosphere. Both straight and curved lines can be used to achieve this style.


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The main materials of your home can be sourced from natural wood, boasting a variety of patterns and colors, while the supplementary elements focus on handmade materials that are rich in texture and emotion, such as woven linen and sedge.