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Your home is renowned for its bold personality, evoking strong emotions through its roughness, massive items, and expressive spirit. Clever curation is the key to unifying these unique elements and creating a truly captivating living space.

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AA strong personality and healthy self-esteem can help you to possess many of the qualities of a leader, such as influence and the ability to inspire those around you. Masculinity, confidence, and determination can give you an enterprising, pioneering spirit.


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Neutral tones with some bolder hues can add more character to your spaces. You can experiment with darker themes by incorporating more striking colors, such as crimson, copper, ocean blue, dark green, slate grey, and more.

The construction of your house can be composed of straight lines and distinct shapes with minimal ornamentation. Simple geometric forms promote the strength of the spaces.


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For a look that is both edgy and raw, consider combining contrasting materials. Rough surfaces, such as exposed brick, concrete, and steel, can be complemented by polished materials like ceramic, glass, and metal.