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Without succumbing to the ever-shifting tides of contemporary trends, you can clearly articulate your desires in your living spaces. By blending timeless symbols with a modern flair, your home can be both creative and methodical.

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As a person who is both self-assertive and delicate, you can
find the perfect balance between the two, possessing strong opinions and views on life. You strive to create structured and stable foundations, yet cleverly infuse interesting nuances into your life. In other words, you present a steadfast reliability, yet are full of youthful energy.


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You can create a stunning contrast by combining bright accent colors with the primary neutral tones of white, black, and wood. Drawing inspiration from nature, the color palette should include earthy greens, vibrant oranges, mustard yellows, muddy browns, aquamarine, teal, and deep clay red.

Your home can be enhanced with sleek lines, geometric shapes, unencumbered volumes, and a retro-futuristic aesthetic.
Grandiose shapes, uninterrupted straight lines, and striking patterns contribute to the stability of the space.


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The combination of man-made materials such as fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, and steel, with natural materials like wood, glass, metal, and marble, can expand your senses and evoke a range of emotions. Modern pieces can be juxtaposed with vintage to create a unique and captivating narrative for your home.