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Best Materials for Mid-Century Modern Style in Interior Design

Best Materials for Mid-Century Modern Style in Interior Design

Mid-century Interior Design


Jun 02, 2023

Mid-century modern design is a timeless style that combines simplicity, functionality and elegance. It emerged in the 1950s and 1960s as a response to the rapid changes in technology and society after World War II. Mid-century modern design is characterized by clean lines, organic shapes, minimal ornamentation and a mix of natural and synthetic materials.


One of the key aspects of mid-century modern design is the choice of materials. The designers of this era experimented with new and innovative materials that reflected their vision of the future. They also used traditional materials in creative and unexpected ways to create contrast and harmony. Here are some of the best materials for mid-century modern design and how they can enhance your space.


The Best Materials for Mid-century Modern Design Style


For homeowners looking to design their homes, there is an array of materials to choose from. However, when it comes to Mid-century Modern home design, these 4 materials stand out as the best fits.




Hestya: Custom Design with Wood for a Mid-Century Modern Home Style


Wood is one of the most versatile and popular materials for mid-century modern design. It adds warmth, texture and natural beauty to any room. Wood can be used for furniture, flooring, wall panels, accessories and more. The most common types of wood for mid-century modern design are teak, walnut, oak, maple and birch. These woods have rich colors, smooth grains and durable qualities.


Wood can be used to create sleek and simple shapes or curved and sculptural forms. For example, you can use a teak coffee table with tapered legs and a round top for a minimalist look, or a walnut lounge chair with a curved back and a leather seat for a cozy feel. You can also pair wood with other materials such as metal, glass, leather or fabric to create contrast and balance. For example, you can use a metal floor lamp with a wood base and a fabric shade for a modern touch, or a glass vase with a wood stand and some fresh flowers for a natural touch.



Metal is another essential material for mid-century modern design. It adds shine, strength and sophistication to any space. Metal can be used for furniture, lighting, hardware, art and more. The most common types of metal for mid-century modern design are chrome, brass, copper and aluminum. These metals have sleek finishes, smooth surfaces and reflective qualities.



An elegant touch with a glass coffee table featuring a metal frame and stone top

Metal can be used to create geometric and angular shapes or organic and fluid forms. For example, you can use a chrome dining table with a rectangular top and a metal base for an industrial look, or a brass pendant light with a dome shape and a perforated pattern for a glamorous look. You can also pair metal with other materials such as wood, glass, plastic or stone to create contrast and harmony.


For example, you can use a wood credenza with metal handles and legs for a rustic touch, or a glass coffee table with a metal frame and a stone top for an elegant touch. Metal can suit any style of mid-century modern design, from industrial to glamorous to futuristic. Whether you want a shiny and sleek space or a warm and inviting space, metal can help you achieve it.





A custom design incorporates glass tables and pillows to create a mid-century modern aesthetic


Glass is a material that brings light, transparency and elegance to any space. Glass can be used for windows, doors, tables, lamps, vases and more. The most common types of glass for mid-century modern design are clear, frosted, colored and textured. These glasses have different levels of opacity, brightness and visual interest.


Glass offers versatile possibilities in interior design, allowing for both simple and minimalist shapes as well as intricate and artistic forms. For instance, you can opt for a clear glass window with a slim metal frame to create an open and light-filled ambiance, or choose a frosted glass door framed in wood for added privacy. To enhance visual interest, glass can be combined with materials like metal, wood, ceramic, or fabric, establishing a harmonious balance or striking contrast.


For instance, you can introduce a metal lamp with a glass shade and a ceramic base to add a touch of mixed-media allure, or incorporate glass pillows and a glass coffee table alongside a fabric sofa for an unexpected twist. Glass effortlessly adapts to various styles within mid-century modern design, whether you seek a spacious and luminous environment or a cozy and intimate setting.





To add a retro touch, opt for a metal stool with a plastic seat and a leather cushion


Plastic is a material that showcases the innovation and experimentation of mid-century modern design. Plastic can be used for chairs, tables, lamps, clocks, toys and more. The most common types of plastic for mid-century modern design are acrylic, fiberglass, vinyl and polypropylene. These plastics have vibrant colors, smooth textures and flexible qualities.


Plastic offers versatile possibilities in mid-century modern design, allowing for playful and whimsical shapes or sleek and sophisticated forms. For instance, an acrylic chair with a transparent egg shape adds a fun touch, while a fiberglass table with a solid oval shape exudes chic elegance. By combining plastic with materials like metal, wood, glass, or leather, you can create contrasting or harmonious effects.


For a retro vibe, consider a metal stool with a plastic seat and a leather cushion, or for a modern aesthetic, a glass lamp with a plastic base and a vinyl shade. Plastic adapts seamlessly to any mid-century modern style, whether you desire a colorful and playful space or a sleek and sophisticated ambiance.


How to Get Your Own Mid-Century Modern Design with Hestya


If you love mid-century modern design and want to transform your space into a stylish and comfortable oasis, you need Hestya. Hestya is an online interior design company that offers personalized interior design services at affordable prices. We help you discover your unique style preferences through a set of easy style quizzes. Then Hestya matches you with a professional designer who will create a custom design plan for your space based on your budget, needs and taste.


Hestya also offers a variety of products that are inspired by mid-century modern design. You can choose from furniture, lighting, rugs, pillows, art and more that are curated by Hestya’s experts. The products are high-quality, eco-friendly and affordable. Experience our cutting-edge 3D scanning app, which effortlessly captures your space. Our dedicated designer team will then analyze the scans, presenting you with our distinctive custom design ideas.

Hestya is one of the best ways to get your own mid-century modern design without any hassle or stress. You can enjoy the process of creating your dream space with Hestya’s guidance and support.

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