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Hestya vs Decorilla vs Havenly: Navigating the Online Interior Design Landscape in 2024

Hestya vs Decorilla vs Havenly: Navigating the Online Interior Design Landscape in 2024

Oct 30, 2023

The online interior design realm is flourishing with innovative solutions. Navigating through top contenders like Decorilla, Havenly, and now, Hestya, can be overwhelming. As we step into 2024, this article offers a comprehensive insight into these top-tier services, ensuring you make an informed decision tailored to your unique needs.

The Growth of Online Interior Design

In an age of digital transformation, the interior design industry is not left behind. From virtual consultations to 3D renderings, homeowners now have access to premium design expertise right from their screens.

Comparative Snapshot: Decorilla, Havenly, and Hestya

Decorilla: Known for its competitive model, Decorilla pairs clients with designers who vie for their project. Their offerings range from 3D visualizations to CAD drawings, catering especially to expansive projects.

Havenly: Ideal for those on a budget, Havenly offers tiered packages that cap at 400 sq ft projects. Their platform is streamlined, presenting clients with moodboards and 2D renderings.

Hestya: Emerging as a disruptive force, Hestya prides itself on in-house expert designers, custom-made furniture, and revolutionary scanning technology that negates the need for traditional tape measurements. A fusion of innovation, affordability, and quality.

Package Offerings: A Deeper Dive


  • Multiple designer concepts with detailed floor plans.
  • Photorealistic 3D renderings.
  • Comprehensive shopping lists, availing designer discounts from renowned brands.
  • Explicit furniture layout and color palette suggestions.
  • Comprehensive guidelines for effortless room decor.


  • Three theme options and a conclusive concept moodboard.
  • 2D layered renderings.
  • Floor plans (exclusive to full package).
  • Detailed shopping list.


  • Expert designer consultations.
  • Custom-made furniture tailored to client preferences.
  • Pioneering Scanning technology ensuring accuracy and ease.
  • Integrated design solutions merge aesthetics and functionality.

Features Showdown

 Feature Hestya Decorilla Havenly
3D Model

Scanning Tech

Enhanced Design 

Photorealistic Renderings

Photorealistic Renderings Moodboard & Layered Image
Designer Diversity In-house Expert Designers Multiple Competing Designers Single Designer
Qualification Bar Dedicated Design Experts Interior Design/Architecture Degree No Specific Degree
Furniture Discounts

Exclusive Custom-made Furniture

Up to 40% Off Top Brands

10% - 45% Off Top Brands No
Platform Interactivity Advanced Scanning Tech Integration Yes Yes
Integration of Existing Pieces Custom Integration with Scanning Tech 3D Integration Layered Image
Project Duration Tailored to Project Complexity 3-5 weeks 1-3 weeks
In-home Consultation Enhanced with Scanning Tech Available No
Custom Works & CAD Drawings Exclusive Custom-made Furniture CAD Drawings (with gold package) No
Price Bracket $150 - $600 (without coupon) $75-$1,699 $19-$169
Ordering & Consultation Services Comprehensive with Scanning Integration Complimentary white-glove purchasing service Complimentary purchasing service
Custom Work & Renovations Available with Customized Furniture Yes No
Phone & Virtual Consultations Yes (enhanced with Scanning Tech) Yes No
Commercial and Office Design Yes Yes No




per room

Start your journey with guidance on furniture selection and their arrangement, including 2 revisions.

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per room

Enhance your vision with a realistic 3D visualization of your furnished room and benefit from 4 revisions.

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per room

For a bespoke touch, we design custom-made furniture tailored to your preferences, from size and color to materials.

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