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Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas: Creative Solutions from Hestya

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas: Creative Solutions from Hestya

Dec 19, 2023

Christmas is around the corner, and if you're scrambling for last-minute gift ideas, fear not! Hestya, known for its innovative interior design solutions, offers a range of thoughtful, unique, and quick-to-arrange gift ideas. Whether you're looking for something for a design enthusiast, a home makeover fanatic, or someone who appreciates the finer things in life, our guide has you covered.


Introduction to Last-Minute Christmas Gifting 



Finding the perfect gift can be challenging, especially as time runs short. Our list of last-minute Christmas gift ideas is designed to ease your holiday stress, offering quick yet thoughtful options.


1. Personalized Home Decor Items


  • Unique Decor Gifts: Personalized home decor items like custom cushions, monogrammed towels, or photo frames are thoughtful and easy to arrange.
  • Custom Decor by Hestya: We offer a range of customizable home decor items that can be tailored to your recipient's taste, offering a personal touch to their home.


2. E-Gift Cards for Interior Design Services 



  • The Gift of Design: An e-gift card for interior design services is a wonderful gift for someone planning to redecorate or renovate their home.
  • Hestya’s Design Services: Our e-gift cards can be used towards consultations with our in-house expert designers, making it an ideal present for design enthusiasts.

3. Virtual Interior Design Experiences


  • Online Design Consultations: For a unique gift, consider booking a virtual interior design experience with a professional designer.
  • Virtual Consultations by Hestya: Offer the gift of a one-on-one virtual consultation with our expert designers, allowing your loved ones to brainstorm and get professional advice on their space.


4. Subscription to Home Decor Magazines


  • Inspiration All Year Round: A subscription to a top home decor magazine is a gift that keeps on giving, offering inspiration throughout the year.
  • Magazine Recommendations by Hestya: We can suggest the best magazines based on the recipient's design preferences, ensuring they get the most out of this gift.


5. DIY Interior Design Kits


  • Creative DIY Projects: DIY interior design kits, such as painting sets or craft materials, are great for those who love hands-on decorating.
  • DIY Kits from Hestya: Our DIY kits include all necessary materials and instructions for a fun and engaging home decor project.


6. Smart Home Gadgets 



  • Tech for the Home: Smart home gadgets like voice assistants, smart lights, or digital photo frames are excellent last-minute gifts for tech enthusiasts.
  • Tech Solutions by Hestya: We offer a range of smart home gadgets that can enhance the functionality and comfort of any home.


7. Aromatic Candles and Diffusers


  • Scented Ambiance: Aromatic candles and diffusers are not only beautiful but also create a relaxing ambiance in the home.
  • Aromatic Collection by Hestya: Choose from our collection of high-quality scented candles and diffusers, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any room.


8. Indoor Plant Arrangements


  • Greenery Gifts: Indoor plants are a great way to bring life and freshness into a home, making them an ideal last-minute gift.
  • Plant Arrangements by Hestya: We offer beautifully arranged indoor plants that are easy to care for and suitable for any interior.


9. Custom-Made Furniture Coupons


  • Furniture Gift Coupons: For a more substantial gift, consider giving a coupon towards custom-made furniture.
  • Custom Furniture by Hestya: Our coupons can be used for custom furniture pieces, designed and crafted to fit the recipient's personal style and space requirements.


Conclusion: Thoughtful Gifting with Hestya



Last-minute Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be stressful. With Hestya’s range of gift ideas, you can quickly find something special that brings joy and style into the homes of your loved ones. Contact us for more personalized gifting solutions and let us help you make this festive season memorable.






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