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Modsy Review: Design Perks & Alternative to Consider in the Digital Interior Design Landscape

Modsy Review: Design Perks & Alternative to Consider in the Digital Interior Design Landscape

Oct 30, 2023

The world of online interior design has grown exponentially in the last decade. With the ever-evolving virtual space, making the right choice when selecting an interior design service is paramount. One name that had made its mark was Modsy. However, as the digital landscape changes, newer and more innovative solutions, like Hestya's design platform, have emerged to provide even more advantages for homeowners. In this article, we dive deep into Modsy's service, its perks, and things to consider, while also highlighting how Hestya is setting a new standard in online interior design.

A Brief on Modsy’s Offerings

At its peak, Modsy was celebrated for its tailored virtual design process. It promised a unique blend of interior design prowess combined with innovative technology. The hallmark of their service was the provision for users to visualize and interact with their interior designs using 3D visualizations before any commitment to purchase. The steps involved:

Style Quiz - A fun, interactive process to glean design preferences.

Snapshot and Share - Simple photo uploads and measurements of the space.

Layout Phase - Two initial floor plans to choose from.

Design Time - 3D rendering of the chosen design.

Review and Revise - A phase for collaboration and adjustments.

Shop with Confidence - Direct shopping from design plans.

Is Modsy Worth the Hype?

Modsy certainly had its advantages. It provided a bridge between personal taste and professional expertise. Some of the main perks included:

Personalized Designs: Crafting spaces that mirrored individuality.

Budget-Friendly Solutions: Competitive pricing.

Brand Collaborations: Access to premium brands at friendly rates.

User-friendly Interface: Simplifying the design journey.

But, like all services, Modsy wasn’t without its challenges:

Virtual Limitations: Initial difficulties in adapting to the 3D tools.

Third-Party Retailer Dependency: Interactions with different customer service teams post-purchase.

Design Limitations: Limitations in product offerings

How Hestya is Changing the Online Interior Design Landscape

The evolution of online interior design continues with Hestya leading the charge. Offering solutions that address many of the concerns faced with services like Modsy, Hestya stands out for several reasons:

In-House Expert Designers: With a dedicated team of design experts, each project reflects a combination of the client's vision and top-tier design expertise.

Custom-made Furniture: The liberty of not being bound to third-party retailers means a more personalized touch. With Hestya, designs aren’t just visions; they’re tangible, achievable dreams.

Revolutionary Scanning Technology: Gone are the days of tedious tape measurements. Hestya’s cutting-edge scanning tech captures your space's exact dimensions, ensuring precise and efficient design recommendations.

Taking the Digital Leap: Things to Remember

While online interior design solutions, be it Modsy or Hestya, offer a plethora of advantages, one must remember that the essence of design lies in personal touch and interaction. Here are some tips when opting for a digital solution:

Clarity: Have a clear vision. It aids designers in tailoring spaces to your liking.

Feedback: Regular interactions with designers help refine the outcome.

Flexibility: Be open to suggestions. Remember, you’re working with experts.


The interior design industry, like all sectors, is in a state of constant evolution. While Modsy carved a niche for itself in the online interior design world, Hestya, with its advanced solutions, is ushering in a new era of design innovation. For those looking for the best online interior design service, informed decisions based on clear understanding and latest trends are key.





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